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Thriving brands and businesses give deliberate thought to the way they communicate with their customers because they want to grow.

To get more leads, more website traffic and sell more stuff, they invest in quality content. Quality content and copywriting is compelling, insightful and connects with people. It’s also well-researched, specifically targeted and refined.

Great copy humanizes brands. It inspires loyalty, and crafts a distinct narrative of who you are. 

Our goal is to help uncover what makes you special, connect with your customers and help you grow your business with strong communication.

And maybe even change the world a little bit, too.

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About Us

Brent G Trotter, People and Words, Chicago
Brent G Trotter
I’m a curious and optimistic digital marketing guy with an affinity for words. I’ve been fortunate to work at big and small agencies like Ogilvy & Mather and iProspect; with fortune 500 clients like S.C. Johnson and solopreneurs alike. Everywhere I’ve worked, I found myself drawn to connect with those who understood the importance and the nuance of choosing the right words. My enthusiasm for my work is driven by three things: (a) my desire to understand and inspire people, (b) an itch to bridge gaps in communication (c) the fun of promoting fresh ideas and good products.
Michelle Lenzen, People and Words, Houston
Michelle Lenzen
I love connecting with people. From students in classrooms to startups at coffee shops, humans fascinate me. There are few things I enjoy more than talking to people and hearing their stories.  This curiosity lead me to fields with communication and connection at the core—marketing, teaching, writing and comedy. I’ve worked at email marketing and communication firms, taught reading intervention at a charter school, written a book called Car Dog Millionaire, studied improvisation at Second City and even dabbled in stand-up comedy in Brazil.