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How to Write Web Copy that Converts

Your web copy is an online version of your pitch. It’s the perfect–and sometimes the only–opportunity to wow potential customers and investors. The catch is that you only have seconds to captivate and inspire them to take action. How do...
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Meet Ivan and Abel, a Duo Reinventing the Artists’ Path

  At first glance, the vibrant paintings from Ivan Camarena and Abel Garza look like a mix of electric color and play. Yet a story lies in every detail; the art mirrors the men behind the brushes. Like a vintage...
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  • thinking man on a bench in prague

7 Strategies and Settings for Finding Good Ideas

Back in high school, when I was crushing on the idea of being a journalist, I walked around with a pen in the back of my ear and a little flip pad for scribbling notes. Once I got to college,...
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  • Creative art & home decor

Wyatt Little, Using Art to Flip the Script on Life

When shoes dangle from telephone lines, people start wondering. What does it mean? Do they mark gang territory, gun violence or simply turf where the kid bullies roam? With a web of urban myths surrounding entangled sneakers, each pair evokes...
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  • Greg McKeown's Essentialism on a desk in a home office

Essentialism: An Alternative Approach to Productivity, Passion and Finding What Matters

Essentialism, by Greg McKeown is one of three books I read in 2015 that had significant impact on my life. I had just gotten married in late 2014 and the emphasis of prioritizing what mattered in my life was fresh...
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